Thwaite Consulting Group

Company Overview

Thwaite Consulting Group is an independent mechanical services consultancy company. Established in 1999 by Graeme Thwaite based on the business model to keep small and flexible and focus on what the marketplace actually wants.

With the experience of the principal, Graeme Thwaite—working in conjunction with like-minded electrical, hydraulic and fire consultants—Thwaite Consulting Group is able to offer a multi-discipline approach to the design and problem solving aspects of building services.

Mission Statement

Thwaite Consulting Group's corporate mission is “To provide professional engineering consulting to clients to a level that exceeds their expectations and is both helpful and well considered”.

Graeme Thwaite


Graeme Thwaite - Principal of Thwaite Consulting Group

Graeme has a wealth of experience in providing consulting services to clients. He has worked in a variety of roles and projects in Europe, Asia as well as in Australia. His major strength is his ability to assist clients to achieve what they want in a cost effective and efficient manner. Graeme has over 35 years’ experience in contracting and consulting in the building industry and has worked at State Manager level for a major consulting firm both in Australia and overseas.

Graeme has extensive experience in project management in a multi-discipline environment. This ranges from heading a design team of 50 for an AUD$1.0b project to a one-discipline tenancy fit out team.

Graeme’s field of expertise extends to hotels, apartments, retail, laboratories, commercial buildings as well as tenancy work. For the last 16 years, Graeme has been working in Sydney on various projects for a variety of clients.                  

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