Thwaite Consulting Group’s main areas of business are:

Design + documentation of mechanical services

The company is able to provide traditional design and documentation of the mechanical services in buildings.
This service comprises:
  • Concept design;
  • Design development;
  • Tender documents, for construction documents and associated technical specification as required to reflect the project need be it a fully documented;
  • Design + construct documented or design development + construct documented type project to suit the contract procurement process.

The company uses CAMEL software for all calculations and provides drawings in AutoCAD format.

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Building Management + Control Systems

The company provides design and documentation of Building Management and Control Systems (BMCS) in buildings.

This service comprises of site surveys of refurbishment/upgrades to existing systems, with recommendations of ongoing actions as well as the design and documentation required to achieve this goal—as well as concept design and documentation for greenfield sites.

Our philosophy for controls applications is to ensure what is designed and installed suits the operational requirements of the building owner from a functional as well as energy efficiency point of view.

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The company provides assistance to the process of achieving Greenstar ratings for buildings, by providing sound engineering advice and documentation as required, to achieve the objectives. Thwaite Consulting Group also provides the role of Independent Commissioning Agent (ICA) for projects that require points for providing this service.

The role of the Independent Commissioning Agent is one of leadership and guidance in the design process. This assists designers to achieve good design practice, functionality, commissionability and communication of design intent. In the construction, the role of the Independent Commissioning Agent is one of leadership and guidance in the shop drawing process as well as preparing contractors for their obligations under Greenstar.

Overall the role is one of quality assurance for the entire project and for services related to those for which Greenstar points are sought.

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Engineering support

Where property developers, builders or portfolio managers do not have in-house expertise to successfully understand and/or control the construction process associated with the building services, Thwaite Consulting Group offers this proficiency.

The expertise can range from:

  • Assistance in project viability analysis for the building services;
  • Concept design development of the building services;
  • Building services brief preparation;
  • Risk management by way of review of the building services design/tender documents;
  • Building services tender assessment;
  • Construction phase review; and 
  • Advice on the building services and operational maintenance manuals reviews.

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